Moxie U - How to Price Your Artwork


Ages: 16 - No Limit

Ability: All

Expertise: Business of Art, Collaborative Lecture

A special collaborative Moxie U offering! Join the Art Students League of Denver (ASLD), Clyfford Still Museum (CSM) and Redline for a special collaborative series of professional development lectures, designed to assist artists to enhance their business practice.

Rotating venues, on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
$5 per seat

How to Price Your Artwork
Kathy Andrews, Art Appraiser | June 14 @ Redline


How to Write an Artist Statement
Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, artist and ASLD Instructor | January 12 @ ASLD

PR 101 for Artists
Cristina Ceballo, Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator with Blake Communications | February 9 @ CSM

Project Budgets + Contracts with Clients
Mary Valdez, Public Art Program Coordinator for Denver Arts & Venues | March 8 @ Redline

Grants + Requests for Qualifications (RFQs)
John Grant, Public Art Consultant | April 12 @ ASLD

Legal Stuff (Copyright, Intellectual Property and other things)
David Ratner, Creative Law Network, in partnership with CBCA and Colorado Attorneys for the Arts | May 10 @ CSM

How to Price Your Artwork
Kathy Andrews, Art Appraiser | June 14 @ Redline

Summer break! No July or August workshops

Public Art Academy
Michael Chavez, Public Art Program Manager for Denver Arts & Venues | September 13 @ ASLD

Horror Stories and other Fables for Artists
Various presenters TBA | October 11 @ CSM

How to Set Your Studio for a Professional Visit
Cortney Lane Stell, Executive Director & Curator of Black Cube Nomadic Art Museum | November 8 @ Redline


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