Colorful Prints Workshop | Ages 11-13


Ages: 11 - 13

Ability: All

Expertise: Printmaking, Specialty Workshops, Youth Classes

If you love to paint, draw, collage, or make art on paper then this class is for you! Explore the fascinating world of artistic printing in the Colorful Print Workshop and use many art techniques to create a portfolio of stunning fine art prints. Students will explore monotype printing (paintings pressed into paper), chin collé (combining cut and glued paper into your drawn or painted prints), color relief printing & registration, and Xerox plate lithography. As they progress, students will have the opportunity to choose a combination of their favorite techniques and create multiple printed masterpieces. We will look to printmakers throughout history for inspiration, as well as contemporary artists. Students will assemble their prints in a final portfolio. At the end of the workshop, students will be encouraged to participate in a print exchange and trade any extra prints.


What to Bring
Sketches, if you have them. A snack.

Materials List 

Registration Closed