Making It: Studio Practices and How To Get Stuff Made


Ages: 21 - No Limit

Ability: All

Expertise: Specialty Workshops, Business of Art

This four-day intensive workshop will focus on different practices and strategies to make art. Through image presentations and discussion, we will examine the myriad of possibilities to bring an idea and inspiration to fruition to make a finished piece of art. Each student will give a brief overview of their work and present one specific project for class brainstorming. In addition we will go on 4 field trips to art fabricators and material distributors where students will be personally introduced to the owners of each company and learn how to work with fabricators and material distributors to open up even more possibilities to realize their work.

The field trips will include: Den-Col Metal Company, AIA Plastics, Reynolds Advanced Materials, Demiurge Art Fabricators, and Where Wood Meets Steel. We will also visit 3 group studios: Ironton, RedLine, and Tank Studios, to give students a further understanding about the infinite possibilities of working around like-minded creatives.

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