Self-Portrait Mixed-Media Painting


Ages: 18 - No Limit

Ability: Intermediate Advanced

Expertise: Painting, Mixed Media and Fiber Art, Specialty Workshops

Taking inspiration from Frida Kahlo's lush self-portraits, students will a create self-portrait pushing portraiture forward using contemporary processes that bring photography into the realm of painting. Students will learn the process of transforming the photocopied image by incorporating acrylic paint, found papers, and tissue papers.

In the first morning session, we will start with a photograph selected for particular characteristics, responding to certain poses until we find an image we can work with. Students will bring a variety of photographs to choose from and be directed on how to select the image that will transfer the best. Initially, we will photocopy and enlarge the photo. The first afternoon session, students will select (from their personal ephemera) papers that they want to incorporate into their self-portrait composition.

The morning of the second day, students will paint their portrait on newsprint, based on the photograph they chose, using only black, white and burnt sienna acrylic paint. The afternoon of the second day will be spent selecting a color palette, layering papers onto a 24x18 wood panel in a variety of ways, using ephemera and papers that are emblematic of their lives, and transferring the photocopied image using a photo transfer technique demonstrated by the instructor.

The third day will be spent working on the overall portrait by adding and removing papers and incorporating a portion of the painted portrait to create a self-portrait the students can take home ready to hang!

Intermediate to Advance level painting

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