Decommissioned Paintings: A Structural Approach To Your Work


Ages: 18 - No Limit

Ability: Intermediate Advanced

Expertise: Painting, Drawing

Painting allows us to re-view our environment. We get to choose a two-dimensional version that is our vision. Choices of color and composition are experienced both viscerally and consciously. The three-day workshop includes an orienting presentation followed by a morning exploration in the near neighborhoods to photograph structure-based subject matter. Students will create a composition from these reference images, then transfer the composition to the painting surface, which is, itself, a previous, "decommissioned" painting. This allows a relationship between the underlying colors and the new painting. An oil (or acrylic) painting will be developed using a limited color palette (for maximum color creating). Parable and truth-speaking will be a feature, throughout.

Materials List 

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