Ages: 16 - No Limit

Ability: All

Expertise: Painting, Mixed Media and Fiber Art, Specialty Workshops

"Reflections on mood and emotional states, integrated with an exploration of material and color, are central to my current artistic practice." For Xochi Solis' community-based workshop, participants will explore the method of looking at culture, identity, memory and place that Solis has utilized for her installation We were not always fallen from the mountain currently on view at the Denver Art Museum. Participants will use the collage medium to create a small 10 x 8 inch finished artwork with consideration to their unique perspective. Led by a series of prompts provided by Solis, participants will be encouraged to ask themselves the same questions she asks of herself when looking through books, magazines, and printed media. This workshop will offer participants unique insight into the artist's process, as well as develop agency and appreciation for the methodology of the medium of collage and image appropriation. All supplies provided. Participants are welcome to participate in one or both workshops.

Morning workshop theme: MEMORY & PLACE

Afternoon workshop theme: IDENTITY & VISIBILITY

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