Contemporary Artist Studio: From Concept to Completion


Ages: 18 - No Limit

Ability: Advanced Professional

Expertise: Mixed Media and Fiber Art, Specialty Workshops

Denver-based artist Daisy Patton will lead an atelier workshop where students will be considering what contemporary art is and what it means to create this type of artwork. During this workshop, students will visit contemporary artists' studios around the Denver metro area and possibly a gallery or museum. Visits and discussions with some of today's dynamic artists at Daisy Patton's studio, RedlLine, the Temple and other art spaces. Through this workshop, you will get a behind-the-scenes peek at contemporary artists' process and their work. On the last day of the workshop, we will break into groups and brainstorm projects that participants would like to pursue. Students are encouraged to bring ideas for a project they would like to create, and we will discuss how to make it happen.


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