Visiting Artist Demo with Marty Fielding : Abstracting Archetypes


Ages: 18 - No Limit

Ability: All

Expertise: Ceramics, Specialty Workshops

Join 2018 delecTABLE juror Marty Fielding for a two-day demo workshop where students will watch demonstrations and presentations. This demo workshop will explore slab building techniques for constructing functional pots such as cups, dishes and pouring vessels. We will look at visual and conceptual sources, ceramic and non-ceramic, as starting points for making personal work. Forming demonstrations will include using paper templates, drop molds and a variety of approaches to making handles, feet, lids and spouts. The focus for surface considerations will be building depth through layering and harnessing the aesthetic and expressive potential of color.

"I construct the vessels using a hybrid technique based primarily in hand building and occasionally employing wheel thrown components. The functional parameters of the pot allow me to achieve two important goals in my work: offering individuals an interactive experience through use, and questioning the aesthetic conventions of the archetypal pot within the framework of function. A surprising rendition of a familiar pot strikes the onlooker with a feeling of discovery, enticing a closer investigation through sight, touch, and interaction." - Marty Fielding


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