Wheel Throwing: Learn the Basics


Ages: 18 - No Limit

Ability: Beginner Intermediate

Expertise: Ceramics, Sculpture

Learn the basics of wheel throwing while establishing good technique and gaining skills that will give you the foundation for making functional ceramic forms. Become comfortable with the fundamentals of throwing, trimming and glazing through "loose and tight" instruction that combines structured exercises and demonstrations with independent practice and exploration.

SPECIAL NOTE: Students who are new to this class are permitted to begin attendance on a quarterly basis ONLY, i.e. the first class date in March, June, September and December, and must register for the entire first month when the NEW student curriculum is provided. This is required in order to integrate students who are beginners or who have not thrown for many years into the class rhythm and structure. Please call or visit the registration staff for registration; this course is unavailable for online registration. The emphasis of this class is on the fundamentals of throwing, just as if you were practicing the piano or training for a sport. The first month is dedicated to centering and making cylinders. After several months, you will begin to have strong skills for making thrown functional ware. If you have questions on the class format or focus, please contact the instructor prior to registering.

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