French Academy PORTRAIT Drawing & Painting


Ages: 16 - No Limit

Ability: Beginner Intermediate

Expertise: Painting

This portrait drawing & painting course features a traditional "long pose" where the model returns to the same pose over the following sessions, so the artists can explore and capture the subtle nuances of the portrait and refine their drawing and painting. This course focuses on the basics of traditional classical portrait painting practiced by the French Academy from the 1900's. Students can start with a drawing, charcoal on paper, and then transfer the drawing onto a canvas and paint the portrait, or start painting the portrait right away on the canvas. Students will learn the skills of painting the model as accurately as they can, while approaching concepts of how to understand light and shade, values, gesture, how to mix skin tone, glazes and how to keep their work simple, realistic, and elegant. SPECIAL NOTE: Painting medium is oil. Students are not required to take Session A before Session B.

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